The CheatMeal Diet

This Ebook is ONLY 13 pages but is full of information you and everyone NEED to know to take control over your life.  If you are a trainer this could be a great guide for your clients. If you are Physician, Nurse, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.. this can also be a great tool for you to help your patients lose weight and become the healthiest version of themselves.  This is an Eating System for everyone and anyone. Young or old. Male or Female. Vegetarian or Carnivore. Cross Fitter or Competitive Athlete.

On the basics of levels, people are all the same. People also have many of the same problems. One problem being that no one has been able to definitively determine what to eat and how to live on a year round basis to stay healthy, get leaner, more muscular and have enhanced physical capacity and performance. This EATING SYSTEM was created to fill this need. It was created to allow anyone to follow it and get long lasting results.